Our Culture

Why Care2earn? This is the obvious question anybody would have. Well in the first place we say that we are different and that difference can't be felt unless you meet and experience. For those who would still like to know more about us before meeting in-person here it is what makes us different i.e.

Relationship Matters - To us relationships matters the most. We understand the importance of managing relationships and we strive to exceed customer satisfaction all along. We are relationships-driven company and not sales-driven company.

Technology Driven - Anything we do is backed by strong technology platform. This helps us in understanding and managing complexities proactively be it customer database or business intelligence and analytics around that data.

End-to-end - We are very clear that we shall be in business only as long as we have customers around. We don't ever say and practice "sell and forget the customer".

Hands-on - Over last 20 years we have personally experienced all different kind of financial products not by burning midnight oil but at times by burning our hard-earned money. We understand these products in and out and are able to appreciate the pros and cons before recommending it to our customers.

Employees are integral - We don't consider employees as headcount. For us they are integral and relationships with them too matters.

Learn from mistakes - We are not perfect and do commit mistakes but we don't repeat them and believes that it is not required that every customer learn from mistakes. Knowledge is not privy to individuals and thus it should be shared generously.

Customer Data Privacy - We value customer's faith and trust in sharing their details with us, and that needs to be upheld always. Unwanted calls or emails to any customer is intrusion and is uncalled for.