About Us

Care2Earn is a fast growing financial services company founded and managed by senior industry professionals with global exposure.Care2Earn offers truly personalized loan advisory services to its clients. C2E helps them choose the best available loan product, while maintaining a reassuring support throughout the entire life-cycle of the loan product. Care2Earn has built strong strategic partnerships with large Indian and Foreign banks and financial institutions to bring the best loan products to its customers.

Our online portal Care2Earn.in assists customers in discovering the right financial product. The online portal is backed by a strong algorithms with predictive analysis ability which ensures the customers are provided with real time information on financial products  in terms of pricing and overall experience.

Customers can use the online platform to Avail Products like Home Loan, Loan Against Property, Personal Loan, Business Loan, Lease Rental Discounting, Loans for NRIs and Commercial Purchase; both new Loans as well as Transferring their Existing Loan. We offer solutions for all Segments and Profiles - Salaried, Self employed, Private or Public Limited Companies, Partnership Firms.

Care2Earn does not sell leads generated on our portal. We believe the financial products cannot be sold online and needs human intervention. Care2Earn was conceptualized out of a realization that investing hard earned money is a complex game for ordinary people. And it's not just the simplicity of investing but the entire journey of investing needs to be made more human.  

In our financial services market the key stakeholders are (Customers, our Employees, Principal Company and our Company) and in any given transaction all 4 should earn tangible or intangible value. Wherever any particular stakeholder gets ignored or neglected it leads to an imbalanced and unsustainable business model.Care2Earn would always care for all stakeholders in any business they undertake and would promote only ethics based earning, thereby enriching the entire business ecosystem. Care2earn would always focus on needs of its customers and not on its own needs.World over there are different corporate mantras but by and large most of them focus on chasing un-relentless growth. We don't completely subscribe to that thought because as per us there should be a sustainable and balanced eco-system wherein every stakeholder in any business domain gets a value.

Customers having discovered the  product online we assist them in closure of the financial transactions end to end. We effectively balance between the complex worlds of customer discovery, true product aggregation, product agnostic customer service and post sales service with equal ease.